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OLI pure creates a fresh atmosphere. !
Your bath solutions deserve enviable but luxuriant touch/finishing.

Another brand under (CWA) putting your bath headaches to rest.
OLI, a global solution brand that is present in eighty countries on five continents. Over the years, OLI has created products that have, on a global scale, changed the daily experience in the bathroom. The WC has become more efficient and environmentally friendly, comfortable, and accessible.

Using patented technology and high-quality manufacturing standards OLI is recognized for constantly studying new and better solutions that increase water efficiency and accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Committed to sustainable development, the brand develops versatile solutions with contemporary design for the application in new construction, rehabilitation, and renovation projects. OLI believes in a water-efficient bathroom that’s comfortable, accessible, and safe for all to use. OLI will continue to define by innovation.

OLI begins the implementation of the continuous improvement system from the Kaizen Institute. Continuous improvement has a direct and intrinsic relation in the optimization of the processes that consequently lead to an increase in production.

After implementing Kaizen, productivity increased by 30%, work in progress decreased by 30%, and both final project stock and time to market reduced by 40%.