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It’s the inner values that count; you want to cook easy, quick, and delicious meals?
Kuppersbusch is your brand!

Since the brand was founded 240 years ago, tradition has been characterized by the perfect interplay of form and function. At Kuppersbusch, the know-how for household appliances is based on the experiences gained in professional kitchens. The perfectly aligned built-in appliances guarantee inspiring moments and more joy in the kitchen than ever before.

Perfect functions such as time-saving auto-programs, intuitive controls, easy operation, and optimized workflow processes guarantee perfect end results.

At Kuppersbusch, tangible quality means investing in sustainability: top-quality material, flawless workmanship, best customer service, reliability, and longevity. First-class design with matching shapes and lines defines our award-winning products. With the Kuppersbusch individual concept, you can adapt the entire appliance series to your personal taste.

Healthy enjoyment is the result! Cutting-edge preparation method – inspired by professional chefs: at Kuppersbusch, we always look at cooking in a holistic way.